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If your goal is to open a business in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, whatever your line of business, it is necessary to perform a series of proceedings before various State, Municipal and Federal authorities.

Opening a business in these cities represents a long list of procedures with as many departments such as: Urban Development, Civil Protection, Land Registry, Municipal Treasury, State Treasury, State Health Secretariat, SEMARNAT, among others.

To start with these procedures it is necessary that the place where you will install the business is current in the payment of property taxes and in case of company, up to date with the payment of the federal taxes.

In the case of Quintana Roo the validity of the Operating License is annual and taxpayers must apply for   mandatory renewal in January and February each year.

Which are the requirements to apply for the Operating License in the Riviera Maya?

1.- Registration in Municipal Taxpayers Registry: You must apply for registration in the Municipal Register of Taxpayers within 30 days from the date in which the legal or factual situations take place, or from the date in which an income has been obtained as per the activities carried throughout the Municipality.

2.- RFC: Original copy for cross reference and registration in the Federal Taxpayer Registration and State Register of Taxpayers;

3.- Location Sketch: Attach location sketches and photographs of the establishment of both the exterior and interior;

4.- Property Tax: Copy of the receipt of the payment of the property tax for the fiscal year in question.

5.- Waste payment: corresponding to the garbage or solid waste fee.

6.- Liquor license: If alcohol is part of your line of business, you need the original license for cross check and copy of the Liquor License (statewide) with the updated address and owner name overprint.

7.- Zoning: Records of land use approvals.

8.- Civil Protection Permit: Authorization issued by the Municipal Civil Protection or the competent Municipal Authority in case the business is considered as hazardous according to the relevant municipal regulations.

9.- SIEM: SIEM updated payment, which can be performed in different chambers of the municipality.

10.- Lease: You must submit a copy of your lease and proxy in case of representative, attach a copy of official identifications.

11.- Sanitary License: If you sell food and drinks, you must arrange your sanitary license in the relevant municipal agency.

Which is the cost of the Operating License in the Riviera Maya?

The cost varies depending on line of business and the municipality where requested, for consultation such fees are set out in Article 91 of the Finance Act of the Municipalities of Quintana Roo.

Licenses for the operation of facilities that render services out of ordinary schedule in the Riviera Maya

The authorization for the operation of commercial establishments outside normal hours fixed by the regulations, cause daily fees for each hour of overtime depending on line of business, these rates are referred to in Article 93 of the Finance Act of the Municipalities of Quintana Roo.

Operating Licenses must be displayed in a visible place and in view of the public in the establishment or premises for which they were issued.

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